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Frequently asked questions


1) What breathable insulation do you use?
We use IQ Therm, Gutex and Calcitherm.


2) Why would you use lime instead of cement?
Lime mortar is used now on buildings which were originally built with lime. Hydraulic Lime is generally the type of lime used now. This allows walls without a cavity to breath.


3) Do you do new builds?
We have done but the majority of our work is restoration and conservation with large extensions.


4) Where in Ireland do you work?
We work all over the country.


5) Have you worked with Local Authority grants?
Yes, we’ve worked with numerous Local Authorities over the years and regularly do county council based grant works.


6) Do you provide your own architects and engineers or can the client choose their own?
A combination of both. Some of our clients employ their own architects and engineers but if you request a recommendation we are very happy to offer the contact details of those we have worked with over the years.